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Natural Dye Workshop
In-Person Day Workshop Retreat
Saturday, December 17th, 2023
Have you ever wanted to learn how to use natural botanical dyes?
Do you want to gift something you made with your hands this holiday season?

I am happy to invite you, in collaboration with the Beauty Way Center
to make your own sustainable holiday gift and learn creative skillsets!

This workshop will teach you the basics of botanical dyes while inviting fun and learning in community.

You will leave with a finished holiday gift for yourself or a loved one.

For this workshop we will be dying a 100% silk scarf which makes the perfect gift for anyone across the board!

What's included & what will you learn:

-Natural and botanical dye basics

-How to document your work so you can do it again

-Sustainable creative practices

-How to connect with the land in gratitude, permission, and expression

-Community Arts

-Nourishing organic lunch


-5 hr workshop with lunch included ~ arrival at 10 am we will end around 3pm.

-You will receive all the materials you need for this workshop yet you are welcome to bring any flowers or botanical dyes you would like to work with.


$150-$350 sliding scale per person.

If you need a scholarship please let us know.

It is our intention to make sustainable creative expression accessible to all while also support this work so we can continue to offer these skill sharing workshops.

Can't join the workshop but want the botanical dyed silk scarf?

No problem! I will dye the scarf for you and mail it so you can still gift a sustainable hand made item to yourself or a loved one. The cost for this is $57 plus shipping.

Please use the payment info below to reserve your silk scarf before the holidays and add your mailing address in the comments or shop it directly here: Kolor De Tierra Silk Scarf

How to sing up:

Send your financial reciprocity via Venmo or Zelle, with your name and "natural dye workshop" in the comments.

Venmo: @fticehurst


Do you have any questions:

Email us at: or inquire using the form below.

Some examples of what you will be creating:

  • About Frida Ticehurst
    Multifaceted Artist + Designer

    Frida has a Fine Arts Degree on Community Arts, Sustainable Textile Art, and Fashion Design form California College of the Arts.

    Named after Frida Kahlo, she has always expressed creatively and identified as an artist. Her focus in her artistic career is all about sustainable and regenerative creative expression, where she explores indigenous practices and traditions that can support our modern life and our human need for expressing creatively.

    She is passionate about sharing skillsets that support you in your creative journey so that you might simplify and more easfully relate to creativity as a part of your everyday life, rather than something requiring time, attention, and extensive training.

    We are all artists, so we get to make art.

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