Sacred Space
Environment for Growth
Beauty Way Life to me means relating to everything as sacred. Including your physical spaces and the things we tend to overlook as mundane. If you are needing help organizing, sorting through, and beautifying your personal or business spaces to make them feel scared - I am here to help you!
What we can work on:


  • Create Sacred Space: "All space is sacred if you treat it as such".
  • Organization: Increase flow, understand needs, working with your intuition.
  • 1:1 Support: Heal up blocks that show up on your physical space.
  • Freedom & Order: Purging, Decluttering, Containing, Organizing.
  • Art & Murals: Starting and art collection or commissioning custom work.
  • Detoxification: Using natural products &sustainable upkeep.



"I hired Frida to help me organize my living space - to create more openness and less clutter - but what I got from working with her ran so, so much deeper. Frida's container combines impeccable design, understanding of how people relate to their environment, spiritual coaching, and energetic cleansing. My space is transformed, and so is my relationship to my space. I feel empowered to create beauty and ease in my own living space, and excited to thrive in it! "

-Lauren P.

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