3-Day Women's Healing Retreat
Are you ready to turn blocks into opportunities...
Develop greater creativity and expression...
Heal up patterns of unworthiness...
Fully go for your wildest dreams...
And come back to the sanctuary that you are?

Then this is for you.
In-Person Retreat in Lake Tahoe

March 24th-26th, 2023 (dates subject to change due to weather)

This retreat is for and dedicated to all the women seeking support and healing honoring sacred traditions and creating a loving community.

During our time together we will share:
  • Movement, Dance, Yoga, and Breathwork
  • Healing Ceremony
  • Prayer ties
  • Nature time
  • Sound healing
  • Water Prayer + Teachings
  • Wopila (thanksgiving meal)
  • Creative Expression & Vocal Coaching
  • Community Support & Workshops
  • Integration Call
  • Lodging at the Beauty Way Center:
Beauty Way Center
A Healing Center by the shores of Lake Tahoe offering
High-Impact Connections with Humans & Nature.

Check out some photos below and learn more here: beautywaycenter.com
Meet Your Facilitators
A team of committed women healing with you.

$1,800-$2,400 Sliding Scale

= This includes food and lodging for 2nights/3days =

Venmo: @fticehurst
Paypal: fticehurst@gmail.com

Payment plans available with a $500 deposit.

Inquire with the form below

What about the weather in Tahoe!?
We hope you have seen how incredible the snow and water blessings have been in Tahoe, yet we know that this has made travel impossible at times.

Our current retreat dates are March 24th-26th. In case of road closures or severe weather, we will postpone this retreat so you will still be able to join and participate, just at a later date!

If you are flying in, make sure to get the option to change your travel dates just in case.
Have questions?
Inquire & Reserve using the form below.
Other Ways To Work Together:


Turn blocks into opportunities, develop greater creativity and expression, heal up patterns of unworthiness, fully go for your wildest dreams, and come back to the sanctuary that you are.

A 2-month program for women who are ready to go for their dreams and experience healing in community.

Plato's Academy


6-month life changing program with world-class curriculum that will give you the tools to experience more of what you want in life.

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Sacred Space

I can help you:

  • Organizing, sorting through, and beautifying your personal or business spaces.
  • Creating an altar space and grounding your spiritual practices.
  • Art Curation & Creation.

1:1 Work

Get 1:1 support to:

  • Create more alignment with who you are and who you want to be.
  • Develop your work into a clear, real, and valuable offering.
  • Integrate life-changing and transformative experiences.
  • Navigate shifts and changes in your ever-evolving life.
  • Connect your Intentions with your Actions.

Healing Ceremonies

Monthly day circles or retreats focused on your healing and well-being.

Upcoming dates:

March 24-26th

March 31st

Media & Art

Needing some help creating inspiring digital art and media?

A beautiful website to hold your offerings and work?

A commission or tattoo?

I am a multimedia artist and designer and I can help you create your ideas into reality from digital to physical art.

Inquire by emailing me at : fticehurst@gmail.com

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